Tight PET Filament Weave

PET filaments are tightly wound together to create its circular shape. So tight that it is very difficult to see through the material without it even being stretched. This creates a natural barrier from being able to see the wire underneath the sleeve which is the main goal when sleeving your cables. Furthermore, the sleeve holds its tight weave even when the sleeve is bent, or for example, coiled. Other sleeve types will fray apart unveiling the wire underneath especially those of larger diameters. We developed Teleios sleeve with this in mind and found it is the perfect blend of size and pliability.

NOTE: If there is a color you don't see, have any custom color requests, and/or would like to match a particular keycap set; join our Discord or reach out to us directly via the contact form here: Contact Form


Fusion is exactly how it sounds. A combination of colors meticulously woven together and blended to create something truly remarkable. If you think the pictures look good, wait until you see it in person.

You can also check if there are more color options here: MainFrame Customs (Affiliate). We sometimes use custom sizing specifically designed for keyboard cables. Please check with us before purchasing directly from MainFrame if it is for a custom keyboard cable.