CNC Housings are metal casings for USB connectors. They can be added to any custom order.

All connectors can be customized with Cerakote. Please contact us directly or use our cable configurator for customization / made-to-order options such as:
  • Keycap matching
  • Keyboard case matching
  • Base colors and FX blends
  • Any color or effect you've seen elsewhere
  • Your imagination!
We now use our very own proprietary CNC shells that are better in every way to the old version. Our USB A shell is not only unique with its windowed design, but comes in silver, or matte black as stock finishes. That means they match LEMO stock colors perfectly.

They are the same width as regular connector shells with heat-shrink so they do not interfere with other connected devices plugged into USB docks or the back of your MAC / PC.

Our USB Type-C CNC shells are also unique. While they have a similar aesthetic to those of the past, these are made of a copper alloy and are completely screwless. This means that the shell does not rely on a single small screw to hold the cable in place, but uses a proper cable coupler that is crimped to the cable, as well as tightened when the enclosure is closed. Besides having a higher quality feel and heft due to the copper alloy, these changes in design make for a much more durable cable that will not twist or loosen.