Best in class acoustics.
Unmatched customization.
The Protagonist, by Wired In, is a premium 60% mechanical keyboard that feels and sounds exceptional. It features a simple yet elegant design and places a strong emphasis on customization through our proprietary 'Keyframe' accent system. The 'Keyframe' system enables easy swapping of layouts and color schemes, offering incredible value, especially when combined with add-ons within our ecosystem.


  • Dynamic 60% layout
  • Keyframe accent
  • 1.6mm, USB-C, Hotswap or Solder, QMK/VIA support
  • RGB underglow


  • Typing Angle: 7 Degrees
  • Mount: Grommet with leaf spring plate
  • Dimensions: 126.2mm x 316.7mm
  • Front Height: 18.8mm
  • Weight: 4 - 6.6lbs (assembled)



Deliver a highly customizable product that doesn't sacrifice quality or acoustics no matter which option you go with. It really is that simple.


The Keyframe accent is our proprietary solution to not only quickly change the blockers for a WK, WKL, or HHKB layout, but it allows you to fully customize your keyboard's colors and/or materials, broadening the personalization potential. It mounts with only (4) screws that are easily accessed even with switches installed, and only requires removing 4 keycaps if done with a fully built keyboard. The two-tone look it creates, along with its beautifully protruding trim makes for incredibly interesting combinations. 


With three hardness options, you're able to dial in the perfect amount of bounce. The gaskets are complemented by the leafspring plate that marries comfort and top shelf acoustics without the need for foam. However, if you prefer foam, it is available for additional tweaking.


A single plate covers all available layouts with additional cutouts, especially around the spacebar, to accomplish the best possible acoustics. These decisions were the result of vigorous trial and error and what lead to excluding the option for a 6.25u spacebar. The grommet system that fits the gaskets with customizable hardnesses emulates a leaf spring (excluding FR4, Polycarbonate, and Polypropylene), joining the two mounting systems to create an extremely pleasurable typing experience with the perfect amount of flex.

Plate material options:

  • Aluminum

  • Polycarbonate

  • Polypropylene

  • Carbon Fiber

  • POM

  • FR4

  • Copper



As mentioned, the gaskets come in (3) different hardness levels rated softest to hardest respectively:
  • 30a
  • 60a
  • 90a
You can experiment with different levels or mix them to dial in the perfect feel. 


The PCB, designed by Gondolindrim, is a beautiful white 1.6mm PCB made with black FR4, that reveals itself as a border. It has over 30 RGB LEDs (off by default) that creates a gorgeous underglow made to shine, diffused, through any polycarbonate components. Both hotswap and solder PCBs will be available during the group buy and are QMK and VIA compatible. The daughterboard is also black using a traditional JST cable as we find EZ Mate to be frustrating without any upside to its implementation.

Thank you <3

The Protagonist is a love letter to the hobby and is the first of many. Thank you so much for checking out what we have to offer. Without a supporting community, this would not be possible. We look forward to hearing more from you so please feel free to join our community and provide feedback. Or, just come hangout and talk about, well, anything.

Note: we were very inspired by how informative Archetype's product pages are and took inspiration from the amazing team over there. Much love to Mek and the rest over at
Feel free to check out our comprehensive internal roadmap that the team uses to update this project and everything else we have planned.


Prototypes received and exceed expectations.
July, 2023

Interest Check

Interest check launched and feedback is gathered.
August, 2023

Promo Units Ordered

Promo units have been ordered and waiting receipt.
November, 2023

Group Buy Begins

The group buy starts and is planned to run until April 30th, 2024.
March 25th, 2024




  • Foam Kit: (1) PE foam (1) Poron plate foam (1) poron case foam
  • Aluminum Plate
  • Polycarbonate Plate
  • Polypropylene Plate
  • Carbon Fiber Plate
  • POM Plate
  • FR4 Plate
  • 30a gaskets
  • 60a gaskets
  • 90a gaskets
  • Hotswap PCB
  • Solder PCB
  • Weight (logo or text)
  • Keyframes

Box Contents

  • 6063 anodized aluminum "Keyframe"

  • 6063 anodized aluminum bottom housing

  • Weight (choice of material and finish)

  • Protagonist soldered or hotswap PCB

  • 5052 anodized aluminum plate

  • (12) 60a gaskets

  • C4 DB and OG JST cable

  • Protagonist carry case

  • Hex driver

  • Necessary screws, feet, and other accessories

Typing angle: 7 degrees
Width: 316.7mm
Depth: 126.2mm
Front height: 18.8mm
Weight: 4 - 6.6lbs (assembled)
  • Protagonist metal artisan designed by PJ Aiglatson Studio
  • Protagonist genuine leather wrist rest designed by Turbulent Labs
  • Matching anodized and Cerakoted cables
  • Wired In 'Ally' convertable screw / artisan tray
  • Fade switches designed by BowlKB, manufactured by Gateron