Cable Sleeving Color Options

Wired In is proud to announce we are now an authorized retailer for MDPC-X sleeved mechanical keyboard cables.

We primarily use MDPC-X's XTC line of sleeving for keyboard cables. We believe the tigher weave is ideal for peripherals and exibits absolutely zero cable bleed. However, we may use MDPC-X classic / small for some applications and releases.

Cable Sleeving by MDPC-X: 100% Unique and 100% Made in Germany

MDPC-X is the legendary cable sleeving founded in 2007. MDPC-X is globally renowned in a class of its own and is unique in every aspect. Their mission statement is living up to a no-compromise philosophy, bringing you the world’s leading quality in color, manufacturing, and base material. Created on the most modern German machines by highly educated and well paid experts via MDPC-X manufaktur in Germany.

If you are interested in purchasing sleeving only, please visit the MDPC-X product page in our DIY & Components section. 

 NOTE: If there is a color you don't see, have any custom color requests, and/or would like to match a particular keycap set; join our Discord or reach out to us directly via the contact form here: Contact Form