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MDPC-X XTC Sleeving

MDPC-X XTC Sleeving

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We use MDPC-X XTC, which is the new, tighter weave of the classic MDPC sleeving. It has all of the same premium qualities and feel, with none of the compromise, such as 'cable bleed'. We feel it is absolutely perfect for keyboard cables but we may still use classic / small for some applications and releases. 


  • 1 meter (3.3 feet)


  • MDPC-X XTC cable sleeve, and all base materials, is 100% Made in Germany.
  • Lead-free base-materials means no lead poisoning when inhaling fumes during shrinking and melting MDPC-X XTC cable sleeves.
  • MDPC-X cable sleeving is 100% recyclable.
  • 100% unique color quality in the world of cable sleeve. MDPC creates the most beautiful, saturated, brilliant and vivid colors.
  • MDPC-X cable sleeve colors include Germany's high quality UV stabilizers to protect our cable sleeve during outdoor use.
  • Many MDPC-X cable sleeving colors are fluorescent at UV-blacklight without compromising on opacity.
  • Extreme density cable sleeve exhibits maximum coverage not only at the extremes but over the whole diameter range from 2.2mm to 5.0mm.
  • Maximum rigidity due to lengthwise oriented braid construction allows the creation of perfectly straight or multi-curved cables free of wobbles.
  • MDPC braided sleeving is used in Germany's automotive industry and made to its highest quality and protective standards.



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