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Ally (In-Stock)

Ally (In-Stock)

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Introducing Ally by Wired In - your ultimate modular CNC desk accessory designed to adapt to your every requirement. Crafted with precision and versatility in mind, this innovative tray offers a range of options to suit your workspace preferences.

Choose from our selection of optional inserts including a screw tray, artisan tray, or pen holder/SD card holder, each tailored to enhance your organization and productivity. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, an artist, or a meticulous organizer, the Ally has you covered.

"And there's more!" - with an array of anodization and Cerakote options available, the Ally opens up a world of customization possibilities. From sleek and professional, to bold and vibrant; the color combinations are virtually endless, allowing you to personalize your workspace with limitless potential.

Thanks to its ingenious design, swapping out inserts is a breeze. Simply remove the four screws concealed by the friction fit feet, and effortlessly switch to a different configuration to meet your evolving needs.

Upgrade your desk setup with the Ally by Wired In and experience the perfect blend of functionality, style, and convenience.

Prototype Details

These are gorgeous units we prototyped and accepted before accepting the design for final manufacturing. The only difference is that these have the older Wired In logo. However, these ship immediately and you do not have to wait until the pre-orders are fulfilled. Help support Wired In and be a part of development in style! 

These are very limited so get them while they're hot!


55.438 (W) x 126.875 (L) x 11.15 (H) in millimeters 

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