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Krytox GPL205G0 Lubricant

Krytox GPL205G0 Lubricant

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Krytox™ GPL 205 grease is PTFE thickened, contains no additives, and can be used on components that come in contact with chemicals. 

GPL 205 is considered a thick lubricant. It is mostly used for linear switches and stabilizers. However, it can still be used on tactile. Just remember: less is more! 


  • GPL 205 Grade 0
  • White, Creamy Consistency
  • 3mL Container - Applicable to approx. 200-300 switches
  • 5mL Container - Applicable to approx. 400-500 switches
  • Beautiful high quality jars with silver lids. 


3ML and 5ML variants are stored in bigger jars. We often give a little more than the listed amount but the jar may have a "half-full" appearance. 

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