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Pelle Authentic Leather Cable Wraps

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Color: Black / Silver Hardware
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Pelle Authentic Leather Cable Wraps - Wired In
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Pelle, by Wired In, are authentic leather cable wraps made to keep bundles looking crispy whether they're on your desk, on display, or tucked away in storage. 

Every custom or premade cable includes a free Pelle that compliments the color scheme of the cable. However, as many of our customers will attest, that just makes you want more to collect and utilize. And due to being authentic leather, they wear beautifully overtime as the oils of everyday use create a unique 'worn' look. Unlike, of course, faux (vegan) leather which cracks and becomes brittle with use. 

Pelle reusable cable wraps will last you a lifetime. 


  • Handmade
  • Natural bridle leather
  • Metal button hardware snaps securely
  • Natural grain underneath is soft, keeping cables secure without unnecessary friction, pulling, or damage to the sleeving materials
  • Includes Wired In logo engraving to ensure authenticity
  • Smells as good as they look
  • 3" length (open)
  • 1.5" length (closed)
  • 12.5mm - 13mm passthrough when closed (can be stretched slightly)