By Wired In

Protagonist Artisan Keycap

$45.00 - $60.00
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Base Color: Silver
Accent Color: Stainless Steel
Extra Accent: None
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Regular price $45.00
Regular price Sale price $45.00

Customizable artisan designed by Aiglaston Studio and Wired In.

The all-metal design perfectly embodies the Protagonist's philosophy, and the satisfying click of the magnetic accent will have you fidgeting non-stop. From the satisfying typing experience to the fun acoustics of the fidget, your hands won't want to leave your keyboard.


As a product expert, we guarantee meticulous attention to detail in the production of our artisan keycaps, ensuring the highest standards of quality. Our commitment to delivering an exceptional product experience is unwavering. Please note the following important details about the appearance of our anodized aluminum surfaces:

  1. Flawless Appearance: The anodized aluminum surfaces are specifically engineered to maintain a flawless appearance without any noticeable scratches or discoloration, ensuring a consistent and uniform look.
  2. Anodization Hook Marks: Designed for both durability and aesthetic appeal, the Protagonist Artisan Keycap undergoes an anodization process. The stem area may have slight hook marks, but this is normal and does not affect the product's quality or performance. 
  3. Shipping and Fulfillment: The Protagonist Artisan keycaps will be shipped and fulfilled along with your Protagonist order. If you choose to purchase this keycap separately outside of the Protagonist group buy, it will be shipped and fulfilled at the same time as the Protagonist keyboard group buy.