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Shrinkflex® 3:1 Heat Shrink (Tubing)

Shrinkflex® 3:1 Heat Shrink (Tubing)

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Shrinkflex® 3:1 Polyolefin is authentic TechFlex heat-shrink. We offer pre-cut standard sizes for mechanical keyboard cables but can be applied to various applications. 

  • 3/8" is for USB Type-C end of the cable. 
  • 1/2" is the USB Type-A end of the cable. 


  • Precut to 1.5" in length


3/8" H3N0.38 9.0mm 3.0mm 200' 25' 1.010
1/2" H3N0.50 12.0mm 4.0mm 200' 25' 1.280


From TechFlex:

Economical & Easy To Install Heat Shrink Tubing

ShrinkFlex 3:1 polyolefin heat shrink tubing is an effective and economical way to professionally finish the ends of any wire harness application. The over-expanded product configuration easily fits over the end of a connector, and shrinks down to 33% of its original diameter to fit snugly over the wires. With our wide assortment of bright colors, now you can attractively color coordinate the ends of our expandable braided sleeving.

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Custom configure your own mechanical keyboard cable! There are so many options here including making your own color combinations. Please refer to the color guides in the Meterials section.

If you do decide to make your own color, please be descriptive as possible in what you're trying to achieve.

We can combine colors and even add FX such as splatter, fade, and metallic.


The order form may be overwhelming at first but a lot of time was spent making it as clear as possible. Please look through the options carefully and start building!

If you have any additional questions, or need any additional confirmation, reach out to use directly and we can walk you through the process or give you a custom quote.


Shipping usually takes 2-4 weeks (sometimes even sooner!) from the time of purchase. Some custom configurations and made-to-order options may take longer. However, we will always keep you as updated as possible and you can always check in with us to see how your order is doing.