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Doppio Giro (Double Loop) Authentic Leather Cable Wraps

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Color: Brown / Silver Hardware
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Doppio Giro (Double Loop) Authentic Leather Cable Wraps - Wired In
Regular price $10.00
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Inspired by the "double tour (double loop)" by Hermes, Wired In introduces high quality, handmade, thick, authentic leather, wire wraps that smell just as good as they look. 

You don't put bumper stickers on a Ferrari. You don't put zip ties on Wired In cables. 

The name Doppio Giro, simply translated to 'double loop' in English, is inspired by our Italian heritage as the Hermes of France inspiration is complimented by contrast stitching, and sharp / narrow edges, emblematic of Italian leather made apparel. 

Note: (1) Pelle, authentic leather, strap is now included with every purchase (see it). (1) Doppio Giro is included with every purchase of (2) or more premade and/or custom cables. 


  • Handmade
  • Natural bridle leather
  • Metal button hardware snaps securely
  • Natural grain underneath is soft, keeping cables secure without unnecessary friction, pulling, or damage to the sleeving materials
  • Includes Wired In logo engraving to ensure authenticity
  • Smells as good as they look
  • 8" length (open)
  • Various passthrough sizes when closed
  • Can be triple wrapped around single cable bundles