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Ghost - Wired In
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Ghost is an experiment gone awesome and only made possible because of the propietary, custom, white textless USB cabling we use. Double layered in clear sleeving, it looks white at first glance, but then you quickly get a "wait a minute" feeling due to how the double clear sleeving creates depth, revealing a seamless white line all the way to the beautifully Cerakoted connector and USB connectors. 


  • MDPC-X XTC Clear sleeving (see it)
  • TechFlex Clear second layer
  • FEMO 1B push/pull connector in Cerakote Pure White
  • TechFlex Shrinkflex Clear
  • 5' (Host/PC) Cable with long silver USB A connector (see it)
  • 6" (Device/Keyboard) long silver USB C connector (see it)

Tech Specs:

  • USB Cable Rev. 2.0 custom textless - 24/24 (see it)
  • MDPC-X XTC (made in Germany) sleeving (see it)