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GMK Yurus / Cream and Black Cherry (Pre-Order)

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GMK Yurus / Cream and Black Cherry - Wired In
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More connectors are being painted. Please allow 7-14 days for fulfillment. 

This is our take on GMK Yurus or really anything that is cream and burgundy. The cable does come more on the cream side, but compliments the set perfectly by standing out with such a beautiful contrast to the Black Cherry. We also feel Black Cherry is a much more impactful color than simply burgundy, giving it a little more punch. 


  • MDPC-X XTC Natural White (see it)
  • TechFlex Beige
  • FEMO 1B push/pull connector in Cerakote (H-319) Black Cherry
  • CNC Shells in Cerakote (H-319) Black Cherry (see it)
  • Custom mixed cream alignment dot
  • 5' (Host/PC) cable with USB A connector (see it)
  • 6" (Device/Keyboard) straight or coiled cable with USB C connector (see it)
  • Coil and/or coil bar (optional)

Tech Specs:

  • USB Cable Rev. 2.0 - 24/24 (3.5 OD) (see it)
  • MDPC-X XTC (made in Germany) sleeving (see it)