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Outer Space (Genuine LEMO)

Outer Space (Genuine LEMO)

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Modified Liquid Carbon to look like black and white metal, along with the galaxy looking Genuine 1B, and this piece screams Outer Space. So, we named it that. 


  • MDPC-X XTC Liquid Carbon (see it)
  • Genuine LEMO 1B push/pull connector in Cerakote Armor Black with Bright White Light Splashes
  • CNC USB shells in stock matte black (see it)
  • 5' (Host/PC) Cable with gold USB A connector (see it)
  • 6" (Device/Keyboard) gold USB C connector (see it)

Tech Specs:

  • USB Cable Rev. 2.0 - 24/28 (4.5 OD) (see it)
  • MDPC-X XTC (made in Germany) sleeving (see it)
  • Plastic terminated ends to ensure all sleeving layers bond with the cable
  • Well protected connectors and CNC shells with epoxy and/or Gorilla hot glue
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